ANC folly, SA economy in crisis and Benjamin Franklin.

ANC FOLLY, SA ECONOMY in CRISIS and BENJAMIN FRANKLIN Benjamin Franklin (January 1706 – April 1790) was a polymath, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America, a scientist, inventor, writer, statesman, diplomat, political philosopher and humorist. Franklin, the fifteenth child of a chandler, espoused thrift, hard work, education of the individual,

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Are you ready to

ARE YOU READY TO-pay much higher taxes for the “privilege” to- join the long, slow moving queues at state hospitals-give up your choice of medical practitioner and specialist-entrust the ANC state with your healthcare-accept long delays in essential surgery-accept the high risk of surgical mishaps and post surgical sepsis in state hospitals-give birth in a

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Election 2024. Healthcare

Vote for a medical aid for every citizen, one comprehensive medical aid plan for every South African, fully funded up front with tax revenue (payroll deduction, existing sin taxes and a Settlement Fee imposed on every immigrant).The alternative is to go to State HospitalsYou cannot trust the ANC/EFF State with your health.Your health is your

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