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The Free Democrats has been founded to advocate for private health care for all South Africans.

We believe that all South Africans are entitled to the best medical treatment available. World class private health care is currently available to approximately 16-20% of South Africans. The Free Democrats say that all South Africans should have access to private healthcare.
National Health Insurance (NHI), proposed by Government, will attempt to eventually send us all back to state hospitals, away from quality care.
We feel that going back to public hospitals is the wrong approach. Quality healthcare is most likely to be found in private hospitals, at GP offices and with private specialists. Every South African deserves the best medical treatment available. Read more.

Principles Of The Free Democrats:

  • free enterprise.

  • freedom of choice and association.

  • privatisation of state enterprises, as far as practically possible.

  • less government involvement in the economy.

  • private education as far as practically possible and full tax deduction of all school and university fees of dependants.

  • reduction and the complete removal of restrictive labour laws.

  • property ownership for all adult South Africans.

  • environment friendly clean, coal-free energy.

  • quality private health care for every South African. Health care provision should take place in the private sector, away from State Hospitals and without State involvement. We propose to pay for Private Health Care through the creation of a National Health Insurance Fund, funded as a payroll deduction (approximately 3 – 5 % deducted from employee and 3 – 5 % paid by employer)

  • the creation of a medical aid for every adult South African, administered by the private medical aid industry. Parliament sets the fee structure of providers and maintains oversight.

  • lower taxes including reducing company tax to 20 %, reducing VAT to 14 % and increasing the primary rebate to R250 000,00 per year (meaning those receiving a gross income of R250 000,00 and less do not pay income tax), reducing dividend tax to 15 % and increasing the tax free amount earned as interest to R100 000,00 per year. This approach will boost the economy, create jobs and support savers and those who exercise financial restraint.

  • equity participation of all employees in companies (shareholders do not strike!). The Free Democrats aim for economic empowerment of all South Africans.

  • the removal of onerous mining restrictions while maintaining environment protection regulations.

  • an equal society, race free, without discrimination based on ethnicity, creed or gender.

Make a loud and emphatic statement: We do not trust the state with our Health Care.
Look for the pink logo. Vote for quality and choice.
Vote Free Democrats.

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