Our vision for south africa


26 Point plan for real improvement of our nation.

Blueprint for a better South Africa

  1. Elect a parliament that will spend much less. Close down useless government departments, introduce spending priorities.
  2. Focus on job creation by turning South Africa into an attractive investment destination. (Investors create jobs, the state and career politicians do not). Essential for job creation is less red tape, scrapping of all restrictive labour laws and drastic reduction in taxes (reduce company tax to 15%, personal income tax to maximum 35% and dividend tax to 10%). Increase the primary rebate to R300 000,00 per year meaning those who earn less than R300 000,00 do not pay personal income tax. Increase the limit on tax free interest to R200 000,00 per year. Encourage saving and frugality.
  3. Move the state out of the economy. Privatize state owned enterprises.
  4. Tax incentivize the generation of clean energy by individuals and companies. Encourage and incentivize the biggest industrial and mining users of electricity to meet their own energy needs.
  5. Privatize ports and rail.
  6. Reward merit.
  7. Bring an end to the numerous useless government Boards.
  8. Draw a line under the ANC disaster that is the insolvent Road Accident Fund and all its ballooning contingent liabilities and replace it with compulsory third party insurance for all vehicles on the road, meaning the private insurance industry has to deal with the legal sequelae of road traffic accidents.
  9. Healthcare
    1. Go for private healthcare (the state cannot be trusted with your health). Establish a medical aid for every citizen, one comprehensive medical aid plan from birth to death, funded by a Health Insurance Fund (HIF) which is for its part funded by existing sin taxes (tobacco, alcohol, gambling and sugar taxes), carbon taxes and a portion of all VAT collected. This way of funding a medical aid means that all pay for healthcare, but the big spenders, boozers, smokers, gamblers, binge eaters and polluters pay more. No new tax is proposed.
    2. All state hospitals should acquire the necessary IT systems to also claim from medical aids.
    3. Medical aids should be administered by the private medical aid industry.
    4. Hospitals should be operated and managed by private health companies.
    5. Bring an end to the useless, rip-off Mickey Mouse medical aid plans on the market.
    6. Parliament exercises direct oversight over the health insurance fund (HIF) and set fees of doctors, surgeons, physiotherapists, dentists, psychologists, optometrists etc.
  10. Community service
    1. Introduce national and community service (not military service) for all university, college and artisan graduates, thereby creating certainty of employment after graduation.
    2. All financial management and accounting graduates should be seconded to municipalities and city councils where financial know how and administrative skills are in desperate short supply.
    3. All education and humanities graduates should be required to provide adult training and education programmes for grant recipients.
  11. Boost home ownership. All property transfer, finance, energy installation, security and maintenance costs, all salaries and wages of domestic workers and gardeners and all fully paid up utility bills should be 100% deductible from personal income tax.
  12. Introduce national legislation to force local authorities to become the buyer of last resort should a property owner not be able to sell his property in the open labour market for a price equal or less to the valuation attached by local authorities to his/her property.
  13. Aim for a society of more shareholders. Introduce equity participation, a voluntary company and owner centered programme, designed to elevate meritorious employees to part ownership.
  14. Scrap BEE which is simply corruption by another name.
  15. Tax incentivize the return of South Africans from abroad. We need their skills and passion to build a prosperous South Africa for all.
  16. Foreigners
    1. Introduce a Settlement or Visa Fee for all foreign nationals in South Africa, anything from R50 000,00-R100 000,00 per year for every man, woman and child in South Africa.
    2. Employers who pay the Settlement or Visa Fee of essential foreign workers should be allowed to fully deduct this as a business expense.
  17. Respect individual human rights.
  18. Consolidate the National Defense Force into a streamlined professional force, fit for purpose.
  19. Devolve the SAPS to the provinces.
  20. Expand a South African data bank. Cross reference biometric data, ID number, tax number and medical aid number with voter’s roll.
  21. Restore the rule of law and find the billions captured and stashed abroad.
  22. Sell unused state land and buildings and use the proceeds to redeem the gargantuan sovereign debt of R 5,2 Trillion plus (R 5 200 000 000 000 00).
  23. Stop the punitive taxes on hard work. Rather reward hard work and commitment with generous tax breaks.
  24. Stop the funding of indolent lazy sloths whose only productive past time is reckless procreation.
  25. Make grants conditional upon ongoing participation in adult education and training programmes.
  26. Encourage private education, augmented by online training.

More jobs. Millions more.
Lower taxes.
End punitive taxes on hard work.
More home owners.
More shareholders.
Better education.
Law and order.
Foreigners pay for the privilege of living in South Africa or are required to leave.
More tax payers.
More prosperity all round.
Dr. J Reid
Free Democrats of South Africa.

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