South African economy and appalling ANC government

Professor Raymond Parsons of the North West University Business School writes that “a noteworthy strength of the SA economy has been its extraordinary resilience in coping with external and internal shocks. The remarkable capacity of the economy so far to take heavy punishment makes it possible to hope that the country can still build on its strengths.”
He should have added that the true strength of the SA economy is derived from diligent individual hard workers, savers, risk takers, movers and shakers and all those South Africans who take pride in their individual contributions in the work place.
South Africans are resourceful, creative and entrepreneurial, economic thrivers, not just survivors, despite suffocating socialism/ communism, a succession of bad politicians, a pandemic and never ending state capture.
Throw in a South African never say die attitude and the limitless ingenuity of can do individuals and we have the foundation of economic prosperity for all.
The can do movers and shakers and hard workers do not need much incentive.
Simply set them free to thrive. They will carry the can for all South Africans.
Scrap all restrictive and race based labour laws.
Reduce personal income tax to 35%.
Change the primary rebate to R 300 000, meaning those who earn less tan R 300 000 per year do not pay personal income tax.
Reduce company tax to 15%, down from 28%, on a sliding scale, depending upon the degree to which individual companies voluntarily agree to equity participation by meritorious employees in up to 10% of equity.
Reduce dividend tax to 10%.
The first R 200 000 interest earned on fixed investments should be tax free.
Allow as personal income tax deduction all energy installation, all security, home maintenance and repair costs, all paid utility bills, all salaries and wages paid to domestic workers and all bond financing charges.
Privatize each and every Eskom power station. Create competition. Tax incentivize clean and renewable energy.
Privatize healthcare. Set up a medical aid for every adult South African, cross referenced with RSA ID number, personal tax number and voters roll.
Going private immediately elevates individual South Africans to first in the queue for the actual provision of healthcare. Currently the State/ Public health facilities run by an out of their depth ANC is near total collapse. The bulk of State Health budgets disappear or go to attorneys (to pay for state hospital mishaps). The few functional public hospitals and clinics still standing have been overrun by foreigners/ asylum seekers/ refugees/ illegal immigrants, often at the expense of decent healthcare for millions of South Africans.
Encourage private education. All payments made to primary, secondary and tertiary educational institutions should be fully personal income tax deductible.
Allow full tax deduction of all social expenses (cost of care for elderly or disabled relatives).
Go for compulsory privately administered third party insurance for every vehicle on the road. Bring the RAF, another beaute of an ANC disaster, to a speedy end. Contingent liabilities of a bankrupt RAF will soon exceed the debt of Eskom, no mean feat.
Sell unused state land and vacant state properties.
Sell all State owned Enterprises. Use proceeds to pay off sovereign debt.
Yes, initially tax revenue from individuals and companies will fall significantly, but that is of course deliberate.
Less tax revenue arriving at the fiscus means less opportunity for unfettered graft.
These few simple measures will
-deliver much needed real economic growth,
-get the state out of the economy,
-attract essential foreign capital investment,
-create millions of quality jobs,
-boost home ownership,
-facilitate a fairer society,
-establish more shareholders,
-render the destructive labour unions irrelevant,
-reduce alarmingly high levels of sovereign debt (currently at USD 275 billion USD 275 000 000 000 or R 5.2 trillion ZAR 5 200 000 000 000),
-allow all citizens access to quality healthcare and
-assist retirees and pensioners to remain financially independent for longer.
All foreigners, every man, woman and child, should be required to pay an once off Settlement Fee, between R 100 000 to R 500 000 and to register with SARS. Foreigners, “asylum seekers” and “refugees” should be registered as tax payers and be required to make a fair contribution towards paying for healthcare and other services, just like South Africans pay for a profusion of services which never materialize.
At the first opportunity, South Africans should vote for a Parliament that will spend much less and set free entrepreneurs and hard workers, free to thrive for the benefit of all.
The ANC State has made a mess of everything it has touched.
It is time to ditch suffocating communism/ socialism and bumbling command and control politicians.
True liberation is not possible without quality education, a good job, a decent home, personal security, economic prosperity and sound individual health.
Dr Johan Reid
Cape Town
FREE DEMOCRATS of South Africa