Think healthcare.

Every South African should have a medical aid, one comprehensive medical aid plan from birth to death, funded by EXISTING taxes (VAT and sin taxes) and administered by a much reformed private medical aid industry.
Hospitals and clinics should be operated and managed by private healthcare companies.
All hospitals and clinics should claim from medical aid and charge the same tariffs, as set by parliament, after consultation with stakeholders.
-No new taxes.
-Expand what works. Private healthcare is imperfect, but works
-Multiple layers of checks and balances are already in place.
-No more state healthcare, bye bye NHI, the darling of the ANC cadres.
-Improved life expectancy for South Africans.
-Infinitely less opportunity for looting.
-No more Mickey Mouse rip off medical aid plans.
-Choice of own medical practitioner (priceless).
-Decent, world class healthcare for all citizens
-FREE AT LAST. Finally true liberation from for all South Africans (you are not liberated when your “liberators” run off with the healthcare budget, causing you to die before your time).
Look after your health, for it is your best asset.
Nurture it.
Vote for it.
Vote FREE DEMOCRATSA of South Africa for better healthcare.
Look for the pink logo