Corrupt ANC and children of South Africa

Oliver Reginald Kaizana Tambo’s famous quote reads: “The children of any nation are its future. A country, a movement, a person who does not value its youth and children does not deserve its future.
Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela used to say that “there could be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treated its children”.
ANC leaders after Tambo and Mandela have left the children of the South African nation with crippling debt.
SA debt clock ( SA sovereign debt) stands at R 5,2 trillion ( R 5 200 000 000 000) or USD 275 billion ( USD 275 000 000 000), mostly as a result of waste, mismanagement, looting and state capture.
Interest on this debt, all payable by SA taxpayers, is more than R 300 billion (R 300 000 000 000) per year.
Debt as a percentage of gross domestic product (GDP) will soon top 100%.
Despite the profligate spending habits of the unscrupulous communists and socialist ANC, children of South Africa, school leavers and graduates have zero job prospects unless they have been educated for the export market.
ANC is leaving the children of South Africa a legacy of joblessness, hopelessness and crippling sovereign debt.
So what is the solution offered by the feckless, soulless and intellectually delinquent ANC leadership?
BORROW MORE and increase the debt burden! Yes, borrow from IMF, Brics Bank and the Chinese, as much as possible, to buy votes and enable another round of wasteful and senseless spending, to reward ANC failures, ANC calamities, party hacks, cronies, favourite sons and assorted floozies.
There is a smart way. Spend much less. Reduce taxes. Sell unused state land. Sell all State owned Enterprises. Privatize each and every Eskom power station. Create competition in energy provision. Scrap all restrictive labour laws. Scrap red tape and racist employment laws. Get the state out of the economy and the labour market. Introduce a medical aid for every adult South African and privatize healthcare (lower cost, infinitely more efficient than the corrupt and disastrous ANC state healthcare system). 
Incentivize individual hard workers, beavering movers and shakers, risk takers and resourceful entrepreneurs to deliver quality jobs and economic prosperity for all, so desperately needed in 2024.
For only they can secure a better future for the children of South Africa and salvage the soul of South African society.
Dr Johan Reid
Cape Town
FREE DEMOCRATS of South Africa