Bumbling ANC and waiting for Godot

Irish writer Samuel Beckett first published “Waiting for Godot” as “En attendant Godot” in French in 1952. The review by Editors of Encyclopedia Britannica offers the following summary:
“The tragicomedy features conversations between the 2 main characters, Vladimir and Estragon, a pair of human beings who do not know why they were put on this earth, but they make the assumption that there must be a point to their existence and look to Godot for enlightenment.
Godot repeatedly sends word that he will appear, but never does.
Because Vladimir and Estragon hold out hope for meaning and direction, they acquire a kind of nobility that enables them to rise above their futile existence”.
Since April 1994 the ANC has repeatedly promised a better and fairer non-racial South Africa, more prosperity for all, more jobs, better housing and sanitation, better education than the “Bantu Education” of the Afrikaner Nationalists, better custodianship of the SA economy, more efficient running of State owned Enterprises, cleaner government, effective border control and policing, individual safety and security, efficient local authority services for all, reliable public transport, respect for human rights and quality healthcare for every citizen.
Oh yes, the cadres said and are still saying, the state, as governed by the ANC, would deliver it all.
Godot never came. ANC never delivered. And never will.
ANC is clueless, feckless and at the ceiling of their own incompetence.
Along the way, individual South Africans, like Samuel Beckitt’s Vladimir and Estragon, have acquired a kind of nobility that enabled them to rise above their futile existence under ANC communist rule. Individual South African entrepreneurs, big and small, are resilient and creative survivors of the most useless government imaginable.
It is beyond time that South Africans are set free from the suffocating yoke of command and control socialism/communism and rampant corruption.
Reduce personal income and corporate taxes, scrap all restrictive labour and race based laws, sell State owned Enterprises, sell unproductive state owned land and properties, get the state out of the economy, scrap senseless red tape, tax incentivize home ownership, introduce equity participation for meritorious employees, start privately administered third party insurance for every vehicle on the road and scrap/close the bankrupt Road Accident Fund, encourage private education and embrace private healthcare for all (a medical aid for every South African, from birth to death).
Untrammeled human ingenuity and freed, unshackled individual entrepreneurship will save South Africa, for the benefit of all citizens.
If you continue to hope (and vote) for the ANC to smarten up and to deliver, you will wait forever.
Like for Godot.
Dr Johan Reid
Cape Town
FREE DEMOCRATS of South Africa