Are you ready to

-pay much higher taxes for the “privilege” to
– join the long, slow moving queues at state hospitals
-give up your choice of medical practitioner and specialist
-entrust the ANC state with your healthcare
-accept long delays in essential surgery
-accept the high risk of surgical mishaps and post surgical sepsis in state hospitals
-give birth in a state clinic
-put up with inferior or absent diagnostic equipment
-use inferior chronic medication
-communicate via a Spanish interpreter with the only doctor available
– co-habitate with rats in some state hospital wards
-bring your own linen to the state hospital
-sleep on the floor of state hospitals
-share one or few insanitary or filthy toilets with dozens?
Vote for a comprehensive medical aid for every South African, fully funded up front with existing VAT and sin taxes (everybody pays for quality private healthcare, the big spenders, boozers, smokers, gamblers, binge eaters and polluters pay more).
Nurture your health.
Vote for it
Vote FREE DEMOCRATS of South Africa.
We all know that state healthcare is a disaster.
NHI will be a looter’s paradise. Nothing more.
Elections have consequences.